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1. Do I need to have a wifi network at home to make this outlet work?

No. you do not need, but if you have a wifi network, you can control remotely and more than one outlet at a time.

2. How hard to setup the outlet?

It is very simple, only knowledge you need is you know how to use a smart phone.

3. How to reset the outlet to its factory default setting?

Hold the reset button for 5 seconds then release, the outlet will restore its original settings.

4. What is Newbeem Privacy Policy of Wi-Fi prodcut?

We currently only store the following information for remote control or Amazon Alexa control:

  1. user’s email
  2. device’s status information such as name, brightness, timer and ip.

We DO NOT save any information about user’s WiFi name and password on the server.

For detail Newbeem Privacy Policy of website and products, please visit our privacy Policy page below: