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1. Do I need to have a wifi network at home to make this outlet work?

No. you do not need, but if you have a wifi network, you can control remotely and more than one outlet at a time.

2. How hard to setup the outlet?

It is very simple, only knowledge you need is you know how to use a smart phone.

3. How to reset the outlet to its factory default setting?

Hold the reset button for 5Ā seconds then release, the outlet will restore its original settings.

4. What is Newbeem Privacy Policy of Wi-Fi prodcut?

We currently only store the following information for remote control or Amazon Alexa control:

  1. user’s email
  2. device’s status information such as name, brightness, timer and ip.

We DO NOT save any information about user’s WiFi name and password on the server.

For detail Newbeem Privacy Policy of website and products, please visit our privacy Policy page below:

29 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Brian

    The product looks great and I particularly like the dimming feature. Is there a nodejs npm module so we can utilize our own software? I think it would give you more sales if you published a rest api or some sdk modules that the community could consume. Measurement of electricity being used would be a great feature to add in your next version.

  2. Larry Weiss MD

    I cannot pair the outlet with either an Android or iPhone. We have tried multiple times, read and reread the instructions, installed and uninstalled the app, reset the device over and over. No love.

    Also – it would be good if you fixed your support phone number. “The voicemail box is full” message is not very helpful.



    1. Andy Feng Post author

      the easiest way to pair the device is using the “smart link”, go to the pairing page, the app will find your SSID automatically, type in your password, press the reset key on the outlet for one second then press the “pair device button” on your app. make sure the password is right and the outlet is within your router coverage distance.

  3. Paul Ratto

    Does the smart outlet remember it’s status (ie: on or off) following a power outage, or does it just default to off?
    Paul Ratto

  4. Mike

    I want to be able to integrate the WiFi outlet into my own application. Where is your developer documentation? How do I turn on/off using TCP/IP (REST or SOAP API etc.)?

  5. Franco

    What happens if I plug a 1 KW heater on the WIFI outlet by mistake?
    Also is this CSA approved ?
    How often is it necessary to push the reset button in normal operation. Does it happen if the electricity goes out and then comes back on ?
    How long does it stay on working normally without having to press the reset button?

    1. Andy Feng Post author

      This outlet is CSA approved. The certificate number is:70023056

      if you plug in something like a 1KW heater, the outlet will disconnect the output by itself and will restore the function after a while for protection purpose.

      Once user has setup the outlet, user does not have to push the reset button again except the device stops working normally. The setting will be stored in the device, even lost the main power, when power is back, this outlet will start working without doing anything.

      It will stay on working forever if there is no hardware failure.

      hope these answered your question.

      Andy (hardware engineer)

  6. Caroline

    What is jumping fox, sunshine friday, sunrise or sunset? I would like to know more about all the features. The manual is too basic. If I plug a lamp in one of the two other outlet can I use it far from home too? I also want a know what I sould do with the plastic pic behind the outlet? Whith that I can’t plug it in a wall, can I broke it?

    1. Andy Feng Post author

      Those are some light patterns you can play.other two are regular outlet, non controllable. You can break it the plastic if you want. That is used to hold the outlet when plug in the wall outlet.

  7. Mike

    Are there any updates on the API coming out? I have a few of these and would love to tie them into my home automation. Thanks!

  8. kesitter

    I’ve been unable to register Smart Outlet. Seems to recognize device during registration attempt but gives error 2000 . Something about unable to validate ID / password I think.

  9. JK

    “Pair Device Failed: smartlink fail, no device is configed.”

    Hello! I’m excited to try your outlet. I bought a dozen of them for my new house.

    I’ve successfully launched the app. However, when I follow the instructions (reset button 1 second, tap Pair Device), I receive the above error.

    :: I’ve tried resetting the device. Unplug, replug, reset button 5 seconds. It flashes once.

    :: I’ve checked that the Current Wi-Fi network name and password are both correct.

    :: When I press the reset button 1 second, outlet flashes slowly a few seconds, and then flashes rapidly until I reset the device. Is this the expected behavior?


    – Jeff

    1. Andy Feng Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      If Led starts to flash quickly. That is normal and that means outlet is about to pair successfully.
      Give us a call if you still have issues to pair the devices.

    2. Andy Feng Post author

      hi Jeff,
      reset deviceļ¼Œthe led flash slowly indicates waiting for wifi information. The on the App press pair, Device flash rapidly indicates it receives the wifi information and try to connect to the wifi. If it successfully connects to the wifi, the led will be turned off. If it keeps rapidly fleshing until reset. It means it canā€™t connect to the wifi. Please try following. 1. Make sure wifi is support 2.4G, we donā€™t support 5G wifi 2. Move device closer to the WiFi router.



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